From the 3rd Saturday in September to the 1st Sunday in October
Everybody knows about Oktoberfest or at least heard about it. Maybe a few know its story, a very successful and long lasting one.

It was in October 1810 when the Bavarian crown prince married -it goes without saying- a princess. Munich celebrated the event with a horse race on the parade ground in honour of the royal couple. The Munichians crowded the ground to see both the royalties and the race.

The celebration was a great success and the city decided to repeat this event. The following year all Munich went again to bet on horses but there were no more royalties to be seen and people comforted themselves drinking the very special beer draughted for the occasion. Again a great success, therefore it was decided to hold the celebration every year.

In the course of the years the horses were forgotten, the beer became more and more important and people came from all over the world to celebrate the Bavarian way. The festival became so popular to be used as setting for a James Bond movie.

We hold room allocations in various hotels in Munich city and surroundings for each one of the 3 week-ends of the Oktoberfest and we provide accommodation for both groups and FITs. Ask for details and come to take part in the biggest folk festival in the world.